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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Hear and Now: Dogs Are Guinea Worm’s Best Friend?

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Hear and Now: Dogs Are Guinea Worm's Best Friend?  HowStuffWorks“Hear and Now: Dogs Are Guinea Worm’s Best Friend? HowStuffWorks

Welcome to this week’s edition of the HowStuffWorks Now podcast. Here’s a taste of the three stories you’ll hear about in this week’s episode.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has said that he wants to see the last Guinea worm kick the bucket before he does. With the worldwide total at seven cases from Jan. 1, 2016, to June 30, 2016 (22 total in 2015), it seems like Carter and a lot of very hard-working public health officials are close to realizing their goal. Except for the fact that Guinea worm is now infecting dogs. Hundreds of them, according to NPR. And, as we all know, humans and dogs tend to live in close proximity. All’s not lost though. This week, Robert Lamb reports on this problem in the fight to eradicate Guinea worm and how some experts are proposing we stamp out the wily parasite for good in man — and in his best friend.

Host Christian Sager headed out to the ocean for our next story about humpback whales and how they’ve been documented rescuing animals being hunted by killer whales. Interestingly, such encounters have been occurring for decades and haven’t just involved humpback whale calves, but also unrelated animals such as sea lions, harbor seals and gray whale calves. So what’s up with the heroic humpback? Christian outlines a few of the scientists’ proposed explanations for this behavior. You can access the paper here.

Last up, we departed the nonhuman animal world to focus on you, and how your impeccable music taste could be tied to your personality. In fact, researchers think that your personality matters more than your gender, age, socioeconomic status and cultural background when it comes to what you like to rock out to. How exactly did they conclude that? We’ll let Jonathan explain it in the video — and in the podcast. And here’s the published paper, too, just to cover our bases.

That’s our trio for the HowStuffWorks Now podcast this week, which we’ve embedded for your listening pleasure in this article. If you like what you hear, please subscribe. 

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