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Alia Hoyt


Can’t Read Roman Numerals? We Can Teach You

"Roman numerals are so ubiquitous in our world that we often don't notice them. Which is not a bad thing if we can't rea

Binaural Beats: Does This Auditory Illusion Really Calm Your Brain?

"Science is divided on whether binaural beats have any value, but many people swear by them. Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Image

How Shrimp Shells Help Wounds Heal Faster

"Crustaceans, like this imperial shrimp, have shells with antibacterial properties. Dave Fleetham/Getty ImagesKnown for

Is Borax Harmful or Helpful?

"Borax is a key ingredient of slime. But many parents are now fearful that it may harm their kids. MamiGibbs/Getty Image

How do you define hate?

"Many of us claim to hate vegetables when we're younger. See more pictures of emotions.D. Anschutz/Digital Vision/Getty

Can a Genetic Test Tell that You’ll Prefer Chocolate Ice Cream?

"Your preference for one flavor of ice cream over another is part DNA, part upbringing. wundervisuals/Getty ImagesWhen S

Is It OK to Take Sand Dollars Off the Beach?

"They look so pretty, but sand dollars aren't really seashells. Take care that it's legal before removing them from the

Do People and Bananas Really Share 50 Percent of the Same DNA?

"Yep, the one on the right is a fruit; the one on the left is an animal. But we do have some common DNA. HowStuffWorksDu

Pizza Nightmares: Can Your Diet Determine Your Dreams?

"Back in 1937, when Porky Pig was called Piggy Hamhock, he learned a valuable lesson about eating late at night. Warner

A Season for Change: The Equinox and Solstice Quiz

Each year, Earth sees two equinoxes and two solstices. But how much do you actually know about these events, why they oc

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