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Do Scientists Think an Earthquake Could Sink Western California?

"You can see the highway damage in Northridge, California, after the 1994 earthquake. Carlos Schiebeck/AFP/Getty Images

Are humans really descended from apes?

"Yep, humans and apes are related all right -- just not quite in the way you might picture.Howard Kingnorth/Getty Images

Why do I need an electrical adapter when I travel overseas?

"A typical plug in Europe.HowStuffWorks.comAlthough technology is helping to make the world seem a lot smaller, there ar

Can we control the weather?

"Cloud seeding© 2010 HowStuffWorks.comA science fiction writer might imagine a future in which a government official --

How are Crayons and markers made?

"Liquid paraffin in a mold during the crayon manufacturing process. Click picture for a 5-second movie clip.CONFIRM CRED

How Artificial Vision Will Work

"This magnified artificial silicon retina chip was developed by Optobionics. See more modern medicine pictures.Getty Ima

Can I get struck by lightning when I’m indoors?

"Lightning has the ability to strike a house or near a house and impart an electrical charge to the metal pipes used for

What causes the seasons?

"It turns out that the elliptical orbit of the Earth has little effect on the seasons. Instead, it is the 23.45-degree t

Can you explain the diameter measurements used in bullets, wire and nails?

"The size of a bullet is measured in calibers.Cliff Volpe/Getty ImagesAll three of these questions have to do with unusu

What will the Earth look like in 50,000 years?

"Milankovitch cycles© 2010 HowStuffWorks.comPredicting the Earth's future is a bit like predicting the weather: the furt

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