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Jessika Toothman


Is there really a ‘calm before the storm’?

"Storm Image Gallery Does an eerie calm precede a storm or is that just an old wives tale? See more destructive storm pi

How does desalination work?

"Desalination© 2010 HowStuffWorks.comOnly a sliver of the world's water is fresh to begin with, and after subtracting gl

Are humans the smartest animal?

"Dolphins seem smart, but we may never know for sure just how brainy they really are. See more dolphin pictures.Hemera/T

Do animals demonstrate consciousness?

"Four-year-old Look Khob appears cheerful as he paints away at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang province

How Pollen Works

"Pollen grains take an endless array of fascinating shapes with all manner of textures and features. Dan Kitwood/GettyPl

10 Most Destructive Storms

"Hurricane Camille, one of the few hurricanes to hit U.S. shores at Category 5 strength, pummeled the Mississippi coastl

What If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today?

"Giant dinosaurs of prehistoric days are fascinating to behold, but would we want them with us in the modern world?Matth

How Smokejumpers Work

"On Sept. 11, 2017, the California Smokejumpers made a historic jump at Channel Islands National Seashore.  Forest Servi

Can animals predict the weather?

"Birds, like the albatross, can be greatly affected by changes in the weather. So can they predict when the next storm w

What if we put an end to famine?

"Educating women and ensuring the health of children are two top priorities in the effort to end world hunger.Oli Scarff

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