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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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John Donovan


California Burning: Why the Carr Wildfire Is a Whopper

"A burned out classic car sits next to a home that was destroyed by the Carr fire on July 27, 2018 in Redding, Californi

How Are Coroners and Medical Examiners Different?

"Any time a person dies violently or under suspicious circumstances, medical examiners and forensics pathologists are ca

How (and Why) Hurricanes Get Their Names

"A driver navigates along a flooded road as the outer bands of Hurricane Sally come ashore on Sept. 15, 2020 in Bayou La

The EPA Just Made It Easier to Use Asbestos

"The EPA's new proposal regarding asbestos could end up allowing more uses of the dangerous product, despite it being a

The Deadly Problem of Coal Ash

"After Hurricane Matthew in 2016, Waterkeeper Alliance and Sound Rivers discovered a layer of coal ash more than an inch

What’s the Difference Between Race and Ethnicity?

"Humans are a diverse lot. And although the terms race and ethnicity are often used interchangeably, they are not the sa

Water ‘Witches’ Pit Science Against Folklore in Search of Groundwater

"Australian Keith Francisco holds two pieces of wire to demonstrate the practice of water divining at his property Tinda

Scientists Predict Record-breaking 2018 Hurricane Season

"In this satellite illustration from NOAA, Tropical Storm Ophelia nears the Florida coast as Hurricanes Nate (C) and Mar

The Logistics of Evacuating Entire U.S. Coastlines

"Members of the South Carolina National Guard direct traffic after the government ordered all lanes leading away from th

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