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John Perritano


Do We Need a Category 6 for Hurricanes?

"Absurdly powerful storms like Irma, pictured here slamming into Fort Myers, Florida, on Sept. 10, 2018, have led some t

How Invasive Species Work

"You're looking at the handiwork of an emerald ash borer beetle on a now dead ash tree from Michigan. The invasive beetl

Why Does Hydrogen Peroxide Come in a Brown Bottle?

"Have you ever seen hydrogen peroxide come in a bottle that's any color other than brown? Jupiterimages/Getty ImagesWhat

CERN Wants to Build a Bigger, Badder Particle Collider

"This aerial view shows the difference in size between the current Large Hadron Collider and the new Future Circular Col

Yes, Wind Can Blow You Away If It’s the Right Speed

"Anybody can be knocked over by wind, as long as it's blowing hard enough. OLI SCARFF/Stringer/GettyIn early March 2017,

Marijuana Farmers Hit Hard by California Wildfires

"The lucrative wine industry isn't the only thing in jeopardy from the Northern California wildfires. Cannabis farmers i

Why King Tides Are Flooding Coastal Cities More Often

"People walk through a flooded street in Fort Lauderdale caused by a king tide. Many cities in South Florida have begun

What Hurricane Categories Really Mean

"Hurricane Irma reached a maximum sustained wind speed of 185 miles per hour (297 kph), making it the strongest hurrican

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