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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Jonathan Atteberry


What exactly is the Higgs boson?

"Hello, Higgs? Are you there? The whole world would like to know.Johannes Simon/Getty ImagesParticle physics usually has

What Is Avogadro’s Number?

"Avogadro's number: At least it's not as hard to remember as pi.Photo courtesy A. LoudermilkWe'll give you a hint: It's

How are humans different from our ancestors?

"A representation of Lucy welcomes visitors to Chicago's "Evolving Planet" exhibit at the Field Museum.Tim Boyle/Getty I

Did Nostradamus make any predictions about 2012?

"In this video, meet Delores Cannon, a woman who claims to be the last person to talk to Nostradamus.Science ChannelAfte

Could genetic enhancement eventually make humanity dumber?

"Could messing with our own DNA adversely affect humanity?RubberBall Productions/the Agency Collection/Getty ImagesNo ot

Why does the stink plant stink?

"Shouldn't those people be holding their noses? This rare blooming corpse flower is one of about a dozen or to have bloo

What if everyone on Earth had easy access to clean water?

"Residents of a camp for Haitians displaced from the Jan.12, 2010, earthquake fill jugs with clean water in Port au Prin

What is the oldest fossil ever found?

"Behold, stromatolites in Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve along the coast of Western Australia.Bob Stefko/Getty Image

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