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Josh Clark


Are climate skeptics right?

"Green Science Image GalleryThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that, by 2100, weather events like hu

Can We Bury Our CO2 Problem in the Ocean?

"Power plants, like this one in Serbia and Monetenegro, contribute to the 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide we hum

How do you clean up an oil spill?

"Oil Field Image Gallery A crew attempts to skim oil from the surface of the waters of Prince William Sound following th

Why would someone fly an airplane into a hurricane?

"An infrared satellite image of Hurricane Noel, taken Nov. 1, 2007.Courtesy NOAA­On Halloween Day 2007, a tropical storm

Does gum really stay in you for seven years?

"If you swallow this gum, how long will it really stay in your stomach?Steve Wisbauer/Photodisc/Getty ImagesSurely you w

Who were the first storm chasers?

"Abraham Maslow's "Motivation and Personality," in which he introduced his Hierarchy of Needs. See more storm pictures.C

Do You Really Stay Conscious After Being Decapitated?

"Is it possible to remain conscious after losing one's head? The Palmet/Getty ImagesThe molecular biologist Francis Cric

Has science explained life after death?

"­Courtesy StockXchng­It is estimated that as many as 18 percent of people who have been resuscitated after cardiac arre

Is an ancient sea scorpion the largest bug ever to live on Earth?

"A eurypterid, or giant sea scorpion, would be taller than a man.Courtesy Simon Powell/University of BristolYou find you

Has a surfer discovered the theory of everything?

"A. Garrett Lisi at the annual Burning Man festival.Courtesy A. Garrett LisiWhen Albert Einstein published his paper on

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