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Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Julia Layton


Can it really rain frogs?

"A sudden downpour of frogs is one of the most bizarre weather events. See more amphibian pictures.Mattias Klum/National

The Odd Empathy of Vicarious Embarrassment

"Do you recognize any of these moments? There's Ted Cruz and his daughter; Obama and his daughters (when he was pardonin

Can humans start an earthquake?

"Rescue workers search for survivors among the debris of collapsed buildings in Beichuan County, in southwest China's Si

What is St. Elmo’s Fire?

"St. Elmo's torchlike flames shoot off the mast of a ship at sea.Dr. G. Hartwig/Treasures of the NOAA Library Collection

How Nostalgia Works

"Have you ever felt nostalgic for the good old days of summer camp? Can you pinpoint what made you feel that way?nkbimag

Is NASCAR really that bad for the environment?

"Cars speed through the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.Chris Graythen/Getty Images for NASCARIn the United States, more people

How do I know if I’m eating cloned meat?

"The FDA ruled that meat from cloned animals, such as these three cloned piglets, is safe to eat.Erik S. Lesser/­Getty I

Could Humans Force a Volcanic Eruption?

"As the sky turns fiery shades of pink and purple, visitors watch the lava flowing into the ocean from the eruption of K

What’s the Missyplicity Project?

"Missy was so beloved in life, she became the subject of a posthumous cloning effort. See more cloning pictures.BioArts

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