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Kate Kershner


Is the cloud spiral phenomenon real?

"This picture taken on Dec. 9, 2009, shows an unusual light phenomenon above the Norwegian city of Skjervoy.Anita Olsen/

Could nanoparticles change fuel production?

"Nanoparticle catalysts could have a huge role to play in fuel cells.© HowStuffWorksWe can't say whether you've sat biti

Do tornadoes really avoid mountains?

"There have been several reports of higher-elevation tornadoes, such as this one in Colorado Springs, Colorado.Zachary R

Do tornadoes disproportionately strike trailer parks?

"Trailer parks – with their lack of stable foundations and their lightweight structures – suffer a lot of damage in torn

What is Littlewood’s law of miracles?

"A mathematician figured out that a miracle occurs once every 35 days. Was he serious?Airubon/iStock/ThinkstockYou might

Should You Get in Your Bathtub During a Tornado?

"Homeowner James Guideen looks for personal items near the bathtub that protected he and his wife as their house was des

What is the rarest weather phenomenon?

"A double rainbow is not seen often, but it's not the rarest thing out there.Norbert Schafer/Radius Images/Getty ImagesO

Are you safe from lightning if it’s not thundering?

"Just because you don’t hear thunder doesn’t mean you should go out for a Sunday stroll during the storm.rakesh bakshi/A

Does thunder in the winter mean snow is coming?

"Thunder in the winter could signal that a cold front is on its way.Mark Newman/Getty ImagesIt would be nice to know wit

Are the Dropa stones authentic?

"That's not a Dropa stone but rather a jade bi disk from the late Zhou dynasty. Such disks are relatively common in Chin

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