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Nicholas Gerbis


Could we resurrect dinosaurs from fossil embryos?

"Let's crack one of these open and start building a dinosaur. Or not. A construction worker displays one of 22 dinosaur

How did NASA change diapers forever?

"Astronaut Image Gallery There are no convenient portable toilets when you're doing a little extravehicular activity in

How Bath Salts Work

"Studio shots of C Original, TranQuility and White Lady, all of which are bath salts and apparently being used by some t

How Space Burial Works

"After repeatedly hearing "Beam me up, Scotty" during his "Star Trek" career, actor James Doohan elected to have a littl

Why Is the Sky Blue?

"That picture-perfect blue sky punctuated with clouds is compliments of Rayleigh scattering.©iStockphoto.com/Dean Turner

What if a black hole formed near our solar system?

"You're obsessed enough with black holes to read this article. Carry the obsession one step further and watch our specia

How Supervolcanoes Work

"The Krakatau volcano puts on a MUCH smaller modern show than it did in 1883.© Martin Rietze/Westend61/CorbisIn 1883, an

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