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The Nebra Sky Disc: Early Calendar, Ancient Astronomical Art or Simply a Fake?

"The Nebra Sky Disc, the oldest known realistic representation of the cosmos ever found, was possibly used as an advance

Stonehenge Was the Final Resting Place of Foreigners, Study Finds

"How did Welsh people wind up buried at the iconic English landmark Stonehenge? Janine Lamontagne/E+/Getty ImagesLet's f

Could nanoparticles change fuel production?

"Nanoparticle catalysts could have a huge role to play in fuel cells.© HowStuffWorksWe can't say whether you've sat biti

Why is the world’s biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean?

"In the vast area of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, jellyfish and other filter feeders frequently consume or become ta

Are climate skeptics right?

"Green Science Image GalleryThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that, by 2100, weather events like hu

The Sahara Desert Is Getting Bigger

"A boatman pushes his boat through tall grass in overgrown Lake Chad. With temperatures increasing due to global warming

Where Have All the Seashells Gone?

"Sanibel Island, Florida, has had a seashell poaching ban in place since 1995. The results have left its beaches full of

How Circuits Work

"The circuit illustration above shows how the circuit of a flashlight works.2007 HowStuffWorksHave you ever wondered wha

What Is Your City’s Tree Equity Score?

"Rittenhouse Square in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is enhanced and the city's atmosphere cleaned and beautified

How Water Works

"Water is the essence of life. No living thing on Earth can survive long without it. Trout55/Getty ImagesIn its purest f

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