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Do Scientists Think an Earthquake Could Sink Western California?

"You can see the highway damage in Northridge, California, after the 1994 earthquake. Carlos Schiebeck/AFP/Getty Images

California Burning: Why the Carr Wildfire Is a Whopper

"A burned out classic car sits next to a home that was destroyed by the Carr fire on July 27, 2018 in Redding, Californi

Why do I need an electrical adapter when I travel overseas?

"A typical plug in Europe.HowStuffWorks.comAlthough technology is helping to make the world seem a lot smaller, there ar

How Lightning Works

"Flashes of lightning against clouds create an otherworldly effect. What is the science behind this beautiful -- but dan

Do tornadoes really avoid mountains?

"There have been several reports of higher-elevation tornadoes, such as this one in Colorado Springs, Colorado.Zachary R

Do tornadoes disproportionately strike trailer parks?

"Trailer parks – with their lack of stable foundations and their lightweight structures – suffer a lot of damage in torn

Why does beer form a head but soda doesn’t?

"Why does a head of foam rapidly disappear on soda but stay in place on beer?toos/Getty ImagesPour a soda into a glass a

Flintstones , Frightening and Fragmented: Our Best Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

"Rick Moranis (left) as Barney Rubble and John Goodman (as Fred Flintstone) ride together in a scene from the live actio

McDonald’s French Fry Oil Anti-Frothing Agent May Cure Baldness

"Dimethylpolysiloxane, a chemical found in french fry oil and products such as caulk and tire cleaner may hold the answe

How are Crayons and markers made?

"Liquid paraffin in a mold during the crayon manufacturing process. Click picture for a 5-second movie clip.CONFIRM CRED

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