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Do Scientists Think an Earthquake Could Sink Western California?

"You can see the highway damage in Northridge, California, after the 1994 earthquake. Carlos Schiebeck/AFP/Getty Images

California Burning: Why the Carr Wildfire Is a Whopper

"A burned out classic car sits next to a home that was destroyed by the Carr fire on July 27, 2018 in Redding, Californi

How Lightning Works

"Flashes of lightning against clouds create an otherworldly effect. What is the science behind this beautiful -- but dan

Do tornadoes really avoid mountains?

"There have been several reports of higher-elevation tornadoes, such as this one in Colorado Springs, Colorado.Zachary R

Do tornadoes disproportionately strike trailer parks?

"Trailer parks – with their lack of stable foundations and their lightweight structures – suffer a lot of damage in torn

Do We Need a Category 6 for Hurricanes?

"Absurdly powerful storms like Irma, pictured here slamming into Fort Myers, Florida, on Sept. 10, 2018, have led some t

How Dangerous Is Wildfire Smoke? A Toxicologist Is Raising Red Flags

"A wildfire rages near Highway 63 in south Fort McMurray, Canada, sending smoke swirling in clouds through the surroundi

Should You Get in Your Bathtub During a Tornado?

"Homeowner James Guideen looks for personal items near the bathtub that protected he and his wife as their house was des

How Avalanches Work

"How do you survive an onslaught of heavy snow hurtling toward you with little warning?.Science ChannelAvalanches can be

Siberia’s Wildfires Dwarf All Others on the Globe Combined

"A firefighter battles a wildfire in the Smidovich Nature Reserve in the Republic of Mordovia where 55 firefighters and

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