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Physical Science

How Lasers Work

Photo courtesy NASAThe Optical Damage Threshold test station at NASA Langley Research Center."Star Wars," "Star Trek," "

What Are Isotopes?

"Each isotope is named on the basis of its mass number, which is the total combined number of neutrons and protons in an

How Caffeine Works

"DiscoveryIt's as much a part of the morning ritual as brushing your teeth and making the bed. It gives energy drinks th

How Are Coroners and Medical Examiners Different?

"Any time a person dies violently or under suspicious circumstances, medical examiners and forensics pathologists are ca

Does Alcohol Freeze?

"Different kinds of alcohol freeze at different temps. The higher the proof, the colder the temp needed. Cesar Okada/Ge

5 Hugely Fun Facts About Mass (Not Weight)

"A tiny leaf cutter ant carrying a huge leaf in his mouth while zipping along the edge of a sidewalk in the Soberania Na

Extraterrestrial Form of Hot, Dense Ice Observed Forming in Lab

"Some researchers believe that the icy landscape of Europa, Jupiter's moon depicted in this illustration, may be partial

What exactly is the Higgs boson?

"Hello, Higgs? Are you there? The whole world would like to know.Johannes Simon/Getty ImagesParticle physics usually has

Can’t Read Roman Numerals? We Can Teach You

"Roman numerals are so ubiquitous in our world that we often don't notice them. Which is not a bad thing if we can't rea

What Makes a Scent Soothing?

"Why does smelling lavender instantly relax most of us? Dave and Les Jacobs/Lloyd Dobbie/Getty ImagesClose your eyes and

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