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Do Scientists Think an Earthquake Could Sink Western California?

"You can see the highway damage in Northridge, California, after the 1994 earthquake. Carlos Schiebeck/AFP/Getty Images

Perfectly Preserved Prehistoric Lion Cub Found in Russian Permafrost

"A perfectly preserved cave lion cub has been found in the Russian permafrost, raising questions of cloning from DNA. Sc

The Nebra Sky Disc: Early Calendar, Ancient Astronomical Art or Simply a Fake?

"The Nebra Sky Disc, the oldest known realistic representation of the cosmos ever found, was possibly used as an advance

How Lasers Work

Photo courtesy NASAThe Optical Damage Threshold test station at NASA Langley Research Center."Star Wars," "Star Trek," "

Are humans really descended from apes?

"Yep, humans and apes are related all right -- just not quite in the way you might picture.Howard Kingnorth/Getty Images

Stonehenge Was the Final Resting Place of Foreigners, Study Finds

"How did Welsh people wind up buried at the iconic English landmark Stonehenge? Janine Lamontagne/E+/Getty ImagesLet's f

Understand? Your Brain Signals Will Tell

"It might be hard to feign understanding if you're wearing this skullcap outfitted with wired electrodes that monitors b

How a Booming Legal Marijuana Industry Could Harm Air Quality

"Recreational cannabis grow rooms, outfitted with 24-hour LED grow lights, are becoming common in U.S. cities where mari

Can You Hear Something That Doesn’t Make a Sound?

"In the absence of sound waves in the air, our brains often will use visual cues to try to fill in the silence. Evening

What Are Isotopes?

"Each isotope is named on the basis of its mass number, which is the total combined number of neutrons and protons in an

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